Ryan Warner

Ryan Warner

Team leader, web engineer, and experience designer.

I've been building the web professionally for over 10 years, and as a hobby for many more before that. The ability to build essentially whatever you want has always captivated me, and always will.

What started out as customizing my Neopets guild page turned into a Bachelors of Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology which turned into an exciting and fulfilling career.

I feel that design and engineering should live harmoneously together. My strength lies in being a generalist. My experience in design makes me a better developer, and my knowledge in coding makes me a better designer.

Most recently, I have ventured into management. I'm focusing less on the code and more on the people. I ran a free mentorship for devs breaking into the industry for a summer, and I am a manager at my full time job.

This website

The current iteration of this site is built in NextJS (TypeScript). It uses ChakraUI for styling and MDX for content.

Version 1 of this site used Jekyll. That lasted for about a year, and then in 2020, I rewrote the site using Gatsby and released v2. Version 3 is what you're looking at now and was released in mid 2022.

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