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My design & code streaming setup

May 22, 2020

I stream design and code on my Twitch channel, RyanWarnerCodes.

Dual CPU streaming with an external capture card

Ryan Warner's streaming setup diagram

There are 4 key hardware pieces to my setup: MacBook Pro, Windows PC, Capture Card, and an external monitor.

I code on the MacBook and capture the display using an Elgato HD60 S capture card via HDMI.

The capture card is connected to my PC via USB. From here, I can add my MacBook's display capture as a video source in Streamlabs OBS (on the PC) and stream it to the world.

Why use a streaming PC?

TL;DR: Performance

I started streaming with my 2017 MacBook Pro, and if you are just starting, I encourage you to do the same! My MacBook is capable of streaming code & design and for my first few streams this worked well.

However, as I streamed more, I added more bells and whistles like custom animated alerts and overlays. This started to cause performance issues and my Mac was sluggish and hard to work on. I also experienced issues using Figma on stream because of the memory it uses.

This prompted me to put in the effort to upgrade my setup.


Ryan Warner's USB Switch diagram

I use a USB switch to manage audio and video equipment like my mic and C922 Logitech Webcam.

I press one button to toggle the connection between my Mac and PC. This is useful because I use my mic and webcam for video calls while working on my MacBook, but want to effortlessly switch them to my PC for streaming.

Lighting & Green Screen

Ryan Warner's Elgato Key Light

I use the Elgato Key Light as a light source. Good light makes your video look much more professional, and is a requirement when using a green screen.

There are two reasons I really like this light:

  1. The bright light is already diffused.
  2. It takes up no desk space.

I also use the Elgato Green Screen. This green screen collapses when you're done using it which makes setup and takedown quick and easy. I wish it didn't take up floor space, but if you don't have a wall to hang your green screen from, there's no better option.


My setup evolved over time, and where it is now is just one way to do it. You don't need all of this equipment to get started, and your setup may evolve differently; there's more than one way to accomplish a professional streaming setup.


While writing this post, I realized there's a lot more I could do with it, such as:

  • Video walkthrough
  • Images of my gear
  • OBS Setup
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